Police Warn About ‘Corona Virus’ Tainted Meth, Will Test for Free

WISCONSIN–A small Wisconsin town is getting help from local law enforcement to help fight the spread of coronavirus in a novel way.

On Wednesday, the Merrill Police Department posted on Facebook, urging users of methamphetamine to bring their meth to the police department. They say the police will test it for coronavirus for free.

Police Department Testing Meth for Coronavirus for Free

The announcement reads:

P.S.A – WARNING: If you have recently purchased Meth, it may be contaminated with the Corona Virus. Please take it to the Merrill Police Department and we will test it for free. If you’re not comfortable going into an office setting, please request any officer and they’ll test your Meth in the privacy of your home. Please spread the word! We are here for you!

The post was intended as a joke (anyone bringing their meth to a police department would certainly be arrested). But the post went viral, resulting in nearly 5,000 shares (the city of Merrill has a population of only 9,200). The police department then provided an update to their initial post.

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Post Offering Free Meth Testing for Coronavirus Goes Viral

The updated post from the Merrill Police Department reads:

Update 2-27-20 3:42PM CST:
It’s been 24 hrs so let’s bring this full circle. That last post really made the rounds and it sparked a lot of opinions, emotions, and touched some tender spots. Unfortunately, it spawned some rather personal commentary too.

Just to give you some history, we have actually experienced people report their illegal drugs being stolen, being ripped off in a drug deal, being sold a look-a-like illegal substance, etc. We have even experienced drunk drivers coming to pick up arrested drunk drivers as their “sober responsible party”. So this attempt, although a long shot, still had some possibility behind it.

We will take those easy grabs at removing poison from our community whenever we can. That is our role which we un-apologetically must fulfill. It is our hope that an arrest would be the positive catalyst someone may need to start recovery. It is our hope that every drug arrest both works to hold offenders accountable for their deeds and provides them with a path toward treatment options.

So yes, the post was meant as a joke, but the police do admit that drug arrests can help push people toward sobriety and treatment.

The post continues,

It is truly heart-warming when we see people succeed in such circumstances. It does happen!

The previous post commentary was filled with experiences, expertise, successes, fears, and much more. It’s all good conversation and, we hope, catalyst for getting people into a better place. If you know anyone that needs some help in this community there is a local resource guide attached.

If you or someone else need a hand, a phone, or just a little help taking that step, WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU!”

Granted, another option for getting help would be to visit the best drug rehab clinic in your area, but if not, at least the local police department is there for you.

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