Teen Boys Murder Convenience Store Clerk During Robbery

Teen Boys Murder Convenience Store Clerk During Robbery

CBS Photo provided by family

A 13-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy have been charged with the murder of a Park Manor, Chicago convenience store clerk on Friday during a robbery.

Muhammed “Omar” Ma’ali, 33, later succumbed to his injuries. The Park Manor community is devastated by what happened.

Convenience Store Shooting in the Middle of the Day

It was around 1:45 pm on Friday when the Chicago police were dispatched to the 100 block of East 71st Street after a shooting had been reported.

Police said that four people walked into the convenience store and tried to leave with the cash drawer. Ma’ali pulled out his own gun in an effort to stop the robbery.

Ma’ali and the robbers exchanged gunfire. The bullets struck a 34-year-old man and a 17-year-old in the process. Charges are now pending against them both.

An employee of Metro PCS who was nearby when the robbery happened said, “Me and another lady in the store seen the boys running towards westbound. A while later the ambulance came, they put him on the stretcher.”

Police captured all four suspects and Ma’ali was rushed to the local University of Chicago hospital, where he died six hours later.

Community Mourns Loss of Kind Clerk Who Would Give the Shirt Off His Back

People in the community were devastated to hear that Ma’ali died as a result of the robbery. A neighbor, Eddie Rush said, “It’s just sad to get off work and see the streets blocked off.”

Ma’ali was known for being generous, and his neighbors said he’d give the shirt off his back to help others in any way he could.

One neighbor said, “Sometimes people ran through their money. He’ll look out for them until they get their next check.”

“Unfortunately you have people out here who don’t want to do anything for themselves,” said another. “And take from others, it’s sad. Not only is his family hurt, people in this community are hurt. We’re going to miss that guy.”

The store that Ma’ali worked at had a flyer right above the shattered glass from the shooting that warned about robberies in the area.