Two Deadly Mass Shootings in One Day; How Heroic Actions Saved Lives

Two mass shootings happened yesterday: One in California, and another at a Texas University. Thanks to heroic actions, many lives were spared, although both shootings did claim victims and injured others.

Greyhound Bus Shooting in California, 1 Person Dead, 5 Injured

Shortly before 1:30 am on Monday, a male passenger on a Greyhound bus in Grapevine, California, started to open fire. Thanks to the other quick-thinking passengers, they were able to overwhelm and disarm the gunman, saving lives in the process.

“Due to some very heroic acts by the passengers, they were able to overcome this subject and disarm him,” said CHP Sgt. Brian Pennings. “They were able to escort him off the bus without further incident.”

After the shooting happened, Pennings said that “the driver immediately pulled to the right shoulder and the suspect voluntarily got off the bus, leaving his handgun behind.”

The bus was carrying 43 people, and a 51-year-old woman from Colombia was shot and killed. The five people who were injured, two men and three women, were taken to a local hospital. Two of those people are in serious condition.

Greyhound offered “thoughts and prayers” to the families involved in a written statement.

Texas A&M Shooting, 2 Women Dead, 2-Year-Old Toddler Injured

Around 10:17 am (11:17 am ET), a student called university police to report a shooting that happened at the Texas A&M University-Commerce residence hall. When police responded, they found a room in which two women were dead and a toddler lay nearby.

No information was given about the victims, and no motive was revealed. A&M Commerce reported on Twitter that there were two confirmed deaths, with a third victim being taken to the hospital for treatment.

Texas A&M University shooting
Nbcdfw | video still

Classes were canceled by the school for the remainder of the day, and they asked that the faculty and students shelter themselves as a safety precaution. The precaution was lifted less than two hours later, but classes will remain canceled until Thursday.

The University President, Mark Rudin, released a statement from the school offering their condolences:

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the family, friends, and students impacted by today’s tragic event. During this difficult time, we encourage our Lion family–students, faculty, staff, and friends–to remain supportive of each other.”

People who hold a current concealed handgun license in Texas are allowed to carry concealed handguns in certain areas of the campus as of August 2016.