Are Self Storage Units Really Safe?

Millions of Americans put their extra stuff in self storage units every day. Many of us have that storage unit with furniture, family heirlooms, or extra bits and bobs that just don’t fit into our daily lives, but we can’t bear to part with. But are your things actually safe in these self storage lockers, or is does this just make easy prey for thieves looking to get away with your goods?

According to investigative journalists in Houston, self storage units are actually about as safe as any other place. One company in Houston that owns several of the most popular facilities in the city said that over a three year period they had about 34 break-ins – which averages out to less than one a month.

While your things are never guaranteed to be secure, self storage units are actually a great option for many people. We don’t recommend keeping very valuable things in there (we’ve all seen Storage Wars), it’s a great option that is relatively secure.