Avoiding Drugs Won’t Just Keep You Out of Trouble

Taking drugs as a form of recreation can be a popular pastime for some, though illegal drugs carry a number of risks for users. Namely, one can get into some serious legal trouble for purchasing, using or even selling such drugs. However, that’s not the only reason to avoid illegal drugs.

Many illegal drugs are illegal for a reason: they can often be dangerous to use. For example, drugs that are injected into the bloodstream can be vectors for bloodborne diseases, like hepatitis C, in much the same way that contaminated tattoo needles can led to infection.

While there are new hepatitis C treatments that can help to manage the disease, encountering viral infections and other side effects is enough to make even the bravest thrill-seeker think twice about engaging in recreational drug use. There are better ways to have fun than breaking the law and exposing oneself to numerous potential medical complications.