Better Cell Phone Service is Leading to More Arrests

Great news for law enforcement, terrible news for criminals – the more our society advances and our cell service gets better, the less likely they are to get away with a crime. As more and more cell phone towers pop up every day, GPS systems are getting better and better at triangulating a location.

Most criminals don’t think about their cell service when they commit crimes, or presume that data isn’t kept, but that just isn’t true. Google keeps your location and movement data indefinitely, and your cell phone provider is constantly tracking your movement to better understand how they can improve their own cell service.

It is not out of the ordinary for law enforcement to subpoena information about cell service and GPS location from Google or your carrier to figure out exactly where you were during a crime. While the subpoena isn’t always granted, or criminals don’t always have their phone on them, it is amazing what technology we choose to use is doing to us.