Beware: Your Midsize SUV May Not Be Safe

The 2018 Dode Durango regularly tops the list of the best 2018 mid size suv. For the price range, consumers love the size, the stability, and the safety. But Dodge is trying to pull a fast one on some people, because as it turns out, this vehicle may not be as safe as many originally thought.

Since release, the best 2018 mid size suv has actually had three recalls! The first, in April of 2018, was the big one – numerous models that included the Durango (as well as the Charger, Challenger, and Jeep Wrangler) are also involved in this recall. The scary thing about this recall is it is on the transmission. A faulty rod was put into place, and it can cause the vehicles to not shift into “park” properly. This is incredibly dangerous, and can lead to serious property damage or personal injury.

The two other recalls on this so-called best 2018 mid size suv are directly related to wiring issues, both of which could result in a crash. Be safe out there, and do your research out there – just because someone says it is the best doesn’t make it so.