Can Drugs Make People go on Crime Sprees?

In popular culture, the image of a crazy person hopped up on drugs going on a serious crime spree is enduring. However, is that depiction accurate? Can someone take a cocktail of powerful drugs and find themselves out of control, rampaging through the streets on a wild crime spree?

Well, the answer is: “sort of.” You won’t see someone taking Advil with acetaminophen and then going on a tear, but that’s a mild example. If, for example, someone were to take a more extreme drug, like methamphetamines, they could get into an altered state where they have a worse understanding of the world around them, leading to a dissociative bout of violence.

In short, you should stay away from illegal drugs, and you should also stay away from people who engage in them for recreation. You never know what kind of side effects powerful, state-altering drugs could have.