Can You Be Arrested Because of Outstanding Medical Bills?!

In 2019 a journalist in Kansas ran a story about a man who had to go to court for his unpaid medical bills. Humira cost, prescriptions, and life-saving treatment were all part of it – and if he didn’t show up, he would have been put directly into jail.

This isn’t out of the ordinary – hundreds of people every year get arrested due to unpaid medical debt, and there is little right now that is stopping it. Hospitals and doctor’s offices are no longer turning to debt collectors to buy their debt, they’re taking people to court themselves.

This trend is incredibly worrying, as Americans have about $3.3 trillion in medical debt, with no sign of that number getting smaller. Some people look at Humira cost and think well, it’s not worth going to jail over – and that is a shame.  But medical debt is nothing to play around with, and not paying your medical bills could land you in jail.