Can You Sue Your Employer for Your AFib Diagnosis?

A study published at the beginning of this year suggests that a huge underlying reason that millions of people suffer from AFib, or atrial fibrillation, is because of chronic stress and exhaustion. This is often brought on by working long hours at your job under a lot of pressure, and burnout happens to millions of Americans every year. Stroke symptoms AFib are very, very common. So with this study, the question needs to be asked; is working your employees to the point of burnout illegal, and can you sue for your diagnosis?

As of right now, no – there are no existing successful cases of stroke symptoms, AFib, and other conditions that have made it to court. It’s difficult to determine where AFib comes from and what is the root cause, so it’s unlikely a judge would take the case seriously.

While it’s not technically illegal to overwork employees to the point of stroke symptoms, AFib, or other health conditions, it is immoral. If you’re at that point in your job and asking yourself this question, perhaps it is time to get out.