Car Theft Is Down, but Numbers Are Still High

A staggering $6 billion was lost to car theft in 2018 according to statistics provided by the FBI. Before you start looking for 2019 Ram Truck deals and planning your next car purchase, it’s important to assess your risk and know that yes, car theft really could happen to you.

Between 2017 and 2018, car theft was down 3.1% – the average dollar loss per theft was just over $8,400. But this is the average – that means even if people got the hook up with their 2019 Ram Truck deals, they would be on the high end when something terrible happens.

The good news is that while car theft is only down slightly, it is still down – and it’s been on a decline for the past 26 years. The FBI does note that nearly half a million vehicle thefts between 2016 and 2018 were because the key or fob was left in the vehicle. If drivers were a little smarter and didn’t leave their keys lying around, these numbers would be even lower.