Could Having a Messy Lawn Lead to Crime?

You know there is always one house in a neighborhood. Bad yard, messy lawn, trash everywhere. Everyone says that it is the ‘bad house’ with the ‘criminals’. But is there actually a correlation between using a lawn care service and crime in the neighborhood? The answer might surprise you.

The condition of a home and the surrounding lawn does have an impact on crime in the area. Criminals who are casing neighborhoods see signs of an unkempt lawn with trash and dirt, and they know no lawn care service is coming to clean it regularly. Signs like this indicate neglect, which can also mean unlocked doors, windows, and zero security systems.

Keeping a lawn care service on speed dial and maintaining the outside of your home isn’t just to keep your nosey neighbors from complaining. It can help prevent crime in your area, and stop your home from being targeted by thieves. It’s an extra step, but it’s part of being a homeowner – and keeping yourself, and your family, safe.