Delivery Driver Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Demands Her to Sleep With Him

Delivery Driver Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Demands Her to Sleep With Him

Maplewood Police Department | Anthony Thomas

MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – A woman told police that she ordered groceries, and the man who delivered them broke into her home later that night. He then demanded that she sleep with him, according to documents obtained from St. Louis County.

Woman’s Home Broken Into by Grocery Delivery Man

The woman, 29, had fallen asleep on her couch at her home located on the 2500 block of Gerhard Avenue on Wednesday night when the delivery man broke into her home.

She immediately recognized 22-year-old Anthony Thomas. That is because he had delivered groceries to her home earlier that same day, when she woke up to him calling out her name. That’s when he demanded to sleep with her.

Thomas ended up running away, and the woman called the police to report what happened. She told them that the man had delivered groceries to her earlier.

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Delivery Man Returned to Woman’s Home Twice Before Breaking In

According to police, the woman told them that the delivery man first arrived at her home around 4 pm to deliver groceries. He then returned again around 7 pm, saying he had an item he forgot to deliver.

Maplewood police believe that he did this to find out whether she had a boyfriend or husband at home with her.

When shown a photo line-up, the woman was able to identify the man, and police found him through the grocery delivery service the woman had used.

They declined to comment about which grocery service the man worked for.

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Man Entered Home Through Bathroom Window

Thomas admitted to police that he entered through the woman’s bathroom window, hoping to sleep with her. He was charged with first-degree burglary.

News 4 reached out to a delivery driver, who offered the following advice:

If you have, for example, Grubhub food or other items delivered, you do not need to open your door to accept them. Instead, request that your items be left outside. The driver can take a photo to confirm delivery, and you can pick up your items after they leave.

However, if you order alcohol, you must present identification to the driver to prove that you are 21 or over.

As for drivers forgetting to deliver something, they can contact the customer so they can leave the item outside. They also have the ability to refund the item instead.

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