DNA Evidence: How Good Is Forensics?

Criminals can be stupid. We all know this, we’re seen the news. But as DNA advances even more, forensics is getting even better. No matter if you’re using the absolute best body wash cream for dry skin or pulling your hair back, you could easily leave traces of your DNA everywhere you go.

Forensic evidence can be pulled off of even the smallest items, like masks, gloves, clothing, even tape or eyeglasses. Even if the criminal has used body wash cream for dry skin, we all leave behind skin traces everywhere we go. It’s part of being a human and how our skin works. This all adds up to DNA evidence that can be analyzed and used in a criminal investigation.

And now DNA is getting an even bigger boost. With all of the “Home Geneology” tests out there being taken, police are able to access a huge new database to compare samples from. Already arrests are being made from these samples, allowing law enforcement to close more cases than ever before.