Do Lemon Laws Cover Preowned Cars? You’ll Be Surprised

You probably have heard the term lemon in reference to a car, which is when the car is basically a bum – it died way too early, and now you’re saddled with payments. But did you know that federal law only protects new cars in this situation? If you bought, say, a 2019 preo wned car and it was a dud, you would be completely stuck with the payments in most states. So how is that legal?

Technically you could sue – and even win – the person or company who sold you your 2019 preo wned car, but you need to be able to prove that the issue existed before you bought the car. That’s going to be almost impossible.

Finally, may contracts from a dealership include a one-sided arbitration clause. This is enough to be able to keep most people from seeing the inside of the courtroom.

Overall? Buying a used car is risky, so do your research – a 2019 preo wned car might seem safe because it’s so new, but you could end up stuck with a dud.