Does Having a Security System Keep You Safe? The Facts

On the whole, the rate of personal crime and property crime is on the decline. We live in a world that is safer than ever, despite what the media may be telling you. With this in mind, most people have to ask – do they really need a residential security system, or is locking your doors enough?

Unsurprisingly, no! Just locking your windows and doors is not enough to keep criminals at bay. According to statistics from the FBI, having residential security systems in your house can decrease your risk of being broken into by as much as 300%. That’s a huge number, which shows right off the bat that residential security systems are worth investing in.

The FBI also shared the statistic that only about 17% of homes in the US have residential security systems in place at all. This is so important to note, because if you do have a system, the potential thief will happily just move onto another home without one. Residental security systems really do prevent crime.