How Dangerous Is Cheaping Out on Home Security?

You might be price shopping different home security systems and thinking, wow, some of these are a ‘great’ price. But before you choose something other than a name brand, like ADT Home Security Wireless, consider this – you always get what you pay for.

A discount home security system is going to have less monitoring, which is a big deal. Companies like ADT Home Security Wireless or Brinks have employees 24/7 monitoring live feeds to ensure that as soon as a break-in happens, someone is there. That isn’t always true with other companies.

In addition, this is a technology-based service. Cheaper companies use outdated technology or insecure networks, which can lead to criminals easily bypassing. ADT Home Security Wireless and others like them use the top of the line products for a reason – they are the best. Going with a discount company, you’re going to get discount supplies and discount service.

Is that the risk you want to take?