How Illegal Is Driving Without Car Insurance, Anyway?

On a scale of one to ten – one being jaywalking, while ten is, oh, murder – how illegal is driving without car insurance? How to pick the best insurance isn’t a thought on the minds of those willing to get behind the wheel every day without valid insurance, but it’s something that is actually a very serious crime in a lot of states.

Car insurance is basically one of the many ‘dues’ we pay in order to drive legally on roads that are not owned or maintained by us. This protects not just us in the event of an accident, but drivers around us, too. If you were to hit someone in your vehicle and you did not have car insurance, you would be responsible for paying all of their damages, as well as all of yours.

Thinking about how to pick the best car insurance for your state, driving habits, or car isn’t fun, but it is something very important. When you’re pulled over or involved in an accident and you don’t have proper insurance coverage, you could get points taken from your license, have your license removed from you entirely, or even end up behind bars. Each state has specific laws, and punishments, but it isn’t a joke – every state takes car insurance very seriously.