How is Addictive Sinus Spray Legal?! Get The Facts

Did you know that thousands of people every year suffer withdrawal symptoms from a commonly used product: sinus spray? People will do almost anything to get severe nasal congestion relief, but it comes at a high cost. A study in 2014 showed that over half of participants accidentally overused their medication, leading to serious addiction.

So you might be asking yourself, how is this even legal? Well, a lot of things that are addictive are legal – consider alcohol and cigarettes. It’s true that anyone can buy this medication over the counter, because it’s not ‘impairing’ your daily life, it isn’t considered a problem. The FDA is currently looking at cases of addiction for these products, but there is no plan in place to prevent it.

At this time, this addictive substance is still hanging out on shelves, tempting those looking for severe nasal congestion relief. As allergy season fast approaches, we can expect more lawsuits coming out from those who are suffering from this addiction – but don’t expect these cases to go anywhere, because the law still says they are perfectly legal.