How is Dangerous Weed Killer Legal?

With spring approaching, you are probably looking at your yard maintenance options. And there are plenty. But with the news blowing up over dangerous products that are causing cancer and more, you might ask yourself, what is the worst weed killer, and why is it even on the market? The logistics of how these products go to market is interesting, but also incredibly frightening for the consumer.

The problem, according to court documentation from the Roundup trial in California, is that it isn’t just one single chemical that is causing problems. The combination of several chemicals is what is allegedly causing cancer in the users, moving Roundup from the best weed killer on the market to the absolutely worst weed killer to use.

The company either did not test the chemicals together properly, or ignored those results, which has left thousands of regular users with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a serious form of cancer. As of now, the government is not demanding stronger testing for chemicals, but that could change depending on how this court process goes.