How Serious Is Driving Without Car Insurance?

Thousands of Americans every year are getting behind the wheel of their vehicles without proper car insurances, thinking that it is ‘fine’ and they are a safe driver, anyway, so what does it matter? But state and federal law seriously frowns on driving without car insurances, and getting caught isn’t just a hassle – it can ruin your life.

What are the consequences? Well, it depends on the state, but most states act quickly. Drivers without car insurances on their vehicle have been known to lose numerous points on their license, have their driving license suspended, and sometimes even revoked entirely.

At the very minimum, drivers without proper car insurances will have to go to court. Dealing with a judge and explaining why you didn’t have proper insurance isn’t just awkward, it could land you in a position with fines and even yes, jail time.

Get insured, even if it’s expensive. If you don’t, you could end up behind bars. It’s that serious.