How The Coronavirus Might Affect Your Car Insurance

It sounds silly, right? That a virus is going to change your car insurance? But for millions of Americans out of work or working from home, the coronavirus could make a big impact in every aspect of your life – including your car insurance. Even the general auto insurance you have from a generic company could be affected.

If you’re out of work, the first thing you should do is call your car insurance company, for two reasons. For one, you may be able to see if they are willing to suspend your payments or work with you on a plan. For another, you’re no longer commuting! If you have gone from a long commute to none, this can even temporarily reduce the general auto insurance rate you will be paying.

Do this sooner, rather than later. As more and more companies slow down or shut down completely during this time, you could have a harder time getting in touch with an agent. The general auto insurance companies are only going to be open and taking calls for so long.