How to Spot a Shoplifter as a Business Owner

If you know what to look for, you can often spot a shoplifter before they even take anything. However, learning to do so as a business owner is quite the feat. When a store is having a major event, like a cell phone sale or a sample day, the throngs of people in the store can help mask a shoplifter’s activity. This is when identification becomes huge.

Look for people with baggy clothes and numerous pockets that are easy to conceal items in. This, much like spotting people with sunglasses, hats and similar “disguises” can make it easy to tell who is angling to get their hands on valuable items. If you think you see a shoplifter, make an effort to cover small, easily-concealed and expensive items, like consumer electronics, razor blades and cigarettes.

Many retailers keep such objects locked up behind cases, where it requires an employee’s use of a key to access them. This is a great way to head off potential shoplifters before even needing to identify them!