Is It Dangerous to Use a Tax Preparer This Year?

Millions of Americans are going to a tax preparer for their income tax needs. From professional services and companies to someone’s basement, almost all of us have “a guy” that helps out. But could it be dangerous to use a tax preparer? Do you really know what information you’re giving them?

Here’s the truth – your tax preparer knows everything about you. From your income to your full name, your family size, your social security number and more. When you’re giving your tax preparer this information, you’re putting yourself at risk.

We’re not suggesting you do it yourself! That could land you in a different kind of hot water. Instead, you need to be sure if you do use a tax preparer that you’re using a trusted company, not just your friend’s cousin who does this on the side. You should feel confident and trust your tax preparer, because most people don’t think about how much personal information goes into filing your taxes.