Is It Dangerous to Use Public Charging Stations?

All around the world, at public events, airports, even bars, public phone charging stations are becoming more popular. No matter if you have the best smart phone on the market or a cheap throw away phone, you can plug your device into the wall and hang out while it’s charging up. But are these actually safe to use, or are you opening yourself – and your phone – to hackers, or is that just a silly rumor?

It isn’t just a rumor – the Los Angeles District Attorney said in November of 2019 that he recommends travelers not using public USB charging stations for the best smart phone charging. Why? Because you run a serious risk of dangerous malware being put onto your phone.

One this malware is on even the best smart phone it is difficult to get off, and usually requires a full reset – causing you to lose all your data, apps, and pictures. Your personal information, like passwords, bank data, and more could also be compromised.

It’s never worth it to use public USB stations like those. Bring a battery back with you, or look for an outlet to plug your phone’s base directly into. Otherwise, you might just have to replace the best smart phone before it’s time.