Is It Illegal to Buy a Knock Off Online?

There’s nothing wrong with looking for a great deal. We all want to save money on expensive handbags, the best mineral makeup, or great clothes. But when you go looking for deals, there is a good chance that you’re going to run into a counterfeit item – or a product made to look designer or name brand, but it’s really a knock off. Is it illegal to purchase these knock off items, and could you get in trouble for owning one?

The short answer is no; for most products, it is not illegal to purchase them, especially when you didn’t know you’re buying a knock off. It is, however, very illegal to seel the best mineral makeup or designer handbags that you know are fraudulent.

If you have accidentally purchased the best mineral makeup and it’s clearly a knock off, you have a few legal repercussions – you can contact the seller for a refund, contact where you purchased it from, or you can contact the US Government through STOPfakes that works on shutting these vendors down.