Is Prison Rougher for Seniors than Younger People?

Prison in the US isn’t exactly known as a fun place to be. Criminals who are dragged off to prison often find that life on the inside is hard, unforgiving, and stifling. As such, as you might expect, the situation is even worse for seniors than for young people. In the event that a person over 65 is convicted and sent to prison, they are likely to have a rough time of it.

Seniors tend to have more outstanding medical issues than younger people, and these can compound on one another and make prison that much more difficult. For instance, issues like arthritis, deep-vein thrombosis, diabetes and the like are significantly more common among older people.

This might be surprising, but it’s not easy to get DVT treatment in prison. Likewise, a diabetes-conscious diet is hard to keep up when eating prison food, and standing and walking often does wonders for exacerbating existing arthritis issues. In short, no one wants to go to prison, especially not seniors.