Is Your Second-Hand Phone Stolen?

Stop! Before you start scouring the internet looking for the best cell phone deals plans, consider this; many phones sold online as “second hand” are actually stolen, and by purchasing them, you are encouraging criminals. So how can you tell if you’re getting a great deal, or if you’re actually buying a stolen phone? There are a couple of clear cues, though you will never be 100%.

When searching used for the best cell phone deals plans, see what comes with the phone. Is there the original factory cord? The box? Any accessories the phone would have come with originally? If the phone you’re looking at doesn’t have anything but the phone itself with it, it’s very possible it was swiped.

Finally, there is a tool created called the Stolen Phone Checker that lets you look up if a phone was reported stolen or lost through the device’s ESN or MEID. Most major carriers offer the same thing, allowing you to check if that best cell phone deals plans is really too good to be true.

Don’t contribute to crime. Don’t purchase phones that may be stolen, and be smart about looking for deals.