Is Your Used Phone Filled With Spyware?

If you’re looking to buy Samsung Galaxy S9 or another phone used, beware; Android devices may be more customizable, but they also carry a greater risk for spyware and malware, which will allow hackers to access your personal information kept on your phone, like banking data, passwords, your search history and more. Yes, your phone can be hacked!

The first thing you need to do after buy Samsung Galaxy S9 is to completely wipe the device. Even if the person who sold it to you says they did, you cannot tell what sort of programs might be hidden, lurking below an innocent icon. Instructions to reset phones are usually deep in the Advanced tab of the settings menu, but you can always do a quick internet search.

As long as your device has not been physically opened, this should be all you need to do when buy Samsung Galaxy S9 to ensure your safety! This simple step is often skipped, but it’s absolutely essential to keeping your device secure.