Medical Malpractice With Cosmetic Surgery: Could It Happen To You?

Most people are realistic when they into cosmetic or elective surgery. We all know that a surgeon isn’t magic, and there are limits to what science can achieve. But what happens when even the best liquid makeup foundation can’t hide the damage done by a bad surgeon, bad procedure, or simply a bad decision? That is where the law comes in.

If you believe that you were wrongly operated on, or that something went wrong during your procedure, you probably have a case and should talk to a lawyer in your area. There are plenty of medical malpractice lawyers that would happily look at your information for free to determine this for you. You can also sue your doctor or their offices if they failed to obtain informed consent (like adding things onto your operation you didn’t agree to), or if they did not obtain a proper medical history.

Bad news? You might have to pull out the best liquid makeup foundation if you’re simply unhappy with the results. Unless something medically went wrong, results will vary between patients – if you don’t like the look, that’s an unfortunate risk.