Nearly Half of All Burglaries Are Impulsive: How To Keep Your Family Safe

Statistics released by the FBI in the last few years indicate that a staggering 41% of all criminals who broke into a home to commit burglary did so on impulse, and only 12% admitted any sort of future planning. When you’re looking at ADT security alarm reviews and debating if you need a home security system, these are important statistics to note.

Even just the sticker in the window will help keep your family safe. A home with a security system is 300% less likely to be burglarized than a home without. As you read through ADT security alarm reviews, you’ll probably note how most of them have had no major issues with theft… that’s not because they ‘are lucky’ or ‘live in safe areas’. This is because the security system is keeping them safe.

83% of those looking to commit this type of crime admitted to looking to see if there was an alarm – over 60% would change their minds once they saw one. Those are just facts.