Technology’s Role in Modern Crime Enforcement

Crime has changed with the changing world of the modern era. Where it was once difficult to catch petty criminals, minor thieves and drug dealers without police officers being physically present when their crimes transpired, surveillance technology now allows for remote observation of crimes.

In a world where people all have cellular plans, cameras in their pockets and constant access to the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to go “under the radar.” When cellphones and security cameras weren’t the norm, it wasn’t hard to go undetected, for better or worse. Now, however, the idea of being “off the grid” is all but laughable.

If you do something anywhere near cities or towns, odds are good someone caught you doing it on camera. Unless you’re out in the wilderness, nearly everywhere is in range of cellular networks and the watching eyes of countless cameras. Even in a remote area, surveillance satellites can photograph people from outer space. Nowhere is truly “off the grid” anymore.