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Sunnyvale Police Department Thomas Andrews
Sunnyvale Police Department | Thomas Andrews

UPS Employee Arrested After Mass Shooting Threats, 20k Rounds of Ammo Found

Police raided a California UPS worker’s home after he threatened to carry out a mass shooting at his place of employment.

When officers raided his home after learning of the threat, they found 20,000 rounds of ammunition and multiple tactical rifles. Luckily the planned shooting did not transpire.

Police Find 20,000 Rounds of Ammo Inside UPS Worker’s Home After Mass Shooting Threat

On March 1, 32-year-old Thomas Andrews was reported to Sunnyvale police after he sent threatening text messages to his employer. He told his boss that he was going to commit a mass shooting at the UPS facility where he worked.

Dan Pistor, the Sunnyvale police captain, told Associated Press, “He alluded to a mass shooting in his text messages. I definitely think we avoided a tragedy.”

They discovered that Andrews was the registered owner of a rifle and four handguns.

Officers immediately started searching for Andrews that day. They spotted him shortly after 11 pm driving in his car. When they attempted to pull him over, he fled, which started a pursuit on Highway 101.

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After Highway Chase, Officers Take Andrews into Custody, Where He Faces Multiple Charges

The police eventually caught Andrews thanks to help from the California Highway Patrol. Pistor said, “Initially he indicated he wanted to fight with the officers, but then he surrendered without injury.”

He was captured near Bailey Road, and the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety issued a statement about what transpired.

Detectives who later searched his home discovered rifle ammunition including several high-capacity magazines, over 20,000 rounds of handgun ammunition, a shotgun, body armor, three handguns, and five tactical style rifles.

Sunnyvale Police Department evidence that was seized from Thomas Andrews
Sunnyvale Police Department | Evidence that was seized from Thomas Andrews

Police say they found several tactical backpacks that contained ammunition “staged” at the front door of Andrews’ home. Officials charged him with evading police, making criminal threats, and multiple weapons violations. They also charged him for driving under the influence.

We do not yet know if Andrews has sought lawyer advice.

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Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Is Asking Public for Help With Case

The investigation is currently ongoing. Anyone with information regarding the case should contact the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety. You can reach Detective Barron Renzi at (408) 730-7712 or

You can also contact Captain Dan Pistor at (408) 203-9468.

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