Vehicles Most Likely to Be Stolen: Is Yours On the List?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a list of vehicles most likely to be stolen, and no surprise, several compact SUV luxury vehicles are on the list. Among them are also luxury sedans and vehicles with large engines, like big trucks or modern American muscle cars.

One of the most popular cars on the list to be stolen was the Infiniti Q50, a compact SUV luxury model with good security… but also, a high resale value. Other vehicles like the Dodge Charger HEMI and Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat have topped the list several times, showing that not only are these cars desirable to people who can actually afford them… but to people who cannot, too.

According to experts, the reason more compact SUV luxury brands are topping the list are because of increased specs and features. One major note was that the Cadillac Escalade dropped off the list – probably due to increased security measures in newer models.