Volvo’s Massive Recall: How Does This Happen?

So many people ask the question, are Volvos good cars? And when the internet gives them a resounding yes, they excitedly rush to the dealership. And sure, Volvos are known to be reliable and have good safety standards. But a recent recall that includes more than 700,000 cars worldwide indicates that while Volvos might be good cars sometimes, they aren’t perfect.

The recall isn’t something small, either – if the public were more aware of it, there may be a very different reaction to the question, are Volvos good cars? There is a major issue with the automatic emergency brake system. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the issue is that sometimes the automatic braking system will not engage, which can increase accidents and injuries.

Over 100,000 vehicles in the US are affected. As consumers become more and more horrified with safety standards, it’s hard not to question how selling vehicles with such major issues is even legal. At this point, unless you are injured by a recalled vehicle, there is nothing you can do. Just get it fixed and hope for the best. Somehow, this is legal.