Warm Weather Warning: Staying Safe from Criminals in Spring Time

Spring is a great time to get outside and enjoy outdoors activities, as the weather warms up and everyone is sick of being cooped up from winter time. However, one must also contend with numerous allergens, like airborne pollen, to which nearly everyone is allergic. Treatments for allergies aren’t the only spring concern, though: warm weather can bring out the criminals.

Crime rates tend to skyrocket in the warmer months as more people outside means more targets for pickpockets, muggers and other petty criminals. Don’t let yourself fall victim to these kinds of criminals! Be mindful of where you spend your time in urban centers, and try to avoid darkened or abandoned areas.

Make sure you lock up your car and hide any valuables when you park in densely-populated areas. Make sure you use the buddy system and don’t walk alone through areas you’re unfamiliar with. There is safety in numbers, even when crime rates are on the rise!