What Are the Most Commonly Shoplifted Items?

Commonly shoplifted items tend to be lighter, more expensive and easier to conceal than the average consumer items. Things like TVs, computers and tablets, though expensive, are almost never shoplifted, as they’re very large and hard to conceal. Instead, shoplifters prefer to nab items that are both expensive and lightweight.

As such, things like printer ink cartridges, cigarettes and razor blades are common targets. These items can make the thief a sizable sum of money, even when sold for a fraction of the retail price, as retails prices on such items are grossly overinflated. Other items that are commonly stolen are more items of convenience: drinks, snacks, trading cards and toys are often snatched by tweens and teens who want them but don’t have any money.

Cell phones, despite fitting all of the criteria of items that are commonly stolen, don’t get nabbed too often. There are a number of reasons for this, including numerous phone deals that make them affordable, the difficulty of getting to the actual phone items without retail clerks noticing, and tracking methods like SIM cards and the like.