What Does it Take to Become a Police Officer?

Police officers need to have a number of criteria checked off in order to be effective at fighting crime and helping their communities. What does it take to be an adept peacekeeper and police officer, then? Well, a spirit of civic duty comes first, followed immediately by a body in good health.

The best eye exams, physicals and training tests will show whether a prospective police officer can join the force and serve their community. While the job of a police officer is partly dedicated to patrolling the city they serve in a vehicle, they also must spend time patrolling on foot, so physical well-being is paramount.

Additionally, a clean background check, a clean arrest record and good marks from school are also all must-haves for a police officer. A public servant should be an ideal citizen, a role model for youth and an exemplar of the ideals of civic unity and the well-being of the community.