What Happens When Your Leased Car Gets Stolen?

The worst-case scenario for any driver is walking out to the parking lot to discover that your car has been stolen. When it was a car for lease, however, things get much more complicated.

Here’s how to deal with the leasing company, the police, and your car insurance company.

  • Save Your Information. To report the theft of a car for lease to the police, you’ll need the make, model, plate number and VIN. Write that information down in a separate place before anything bad happens.
  • Call the Police, Then Your Insurance Company. Report the theft by calling 911 and wait for an officer to arrive. While you wait, call your car insurance provider. You may also need to contact your homeowners or renters insurance company about personal property inside the vehicle.
  • Call the Leasing Company. Your next step is to call the company who leased the car to you and let them know what happens. If your car is not found within 30 days (or found totaled), your car insurance will pay the rest of your balance and you can find a new car for lease.