What is the Relation Between Alcohol Abuse and Crime Rates?

As one might imagine, alcoholism and crime aren’t unrelated. The most even-keeled people can become rather rowdy if they’re constantly throwing back drinks. As such, the number of inpatients alcohol rehab center locations receive is directly correlated to rates of drunk driving and similar crimes in an area.

While not all alcoholics are out driving their vehicles after slamming back drinks at the bar, this happens often enough to be a public health consideration. Police attempt to combat this with checkpoints and patrols, and public agencies run numerous ad campaigns imploring people not to drink and drive.

If you plan on drinking out with friends, you have some options instead of driving your car while inebriated. You could use ride sharing to get to the bar and back, or your group could nominate a designated driver. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you don’t get behind the wheel after you’ve had some drinks.