What You Should Know About Court-Mandated Drug Rehab

So you got busted carrying, or selling, or some combination, and it’s time to face the music. Many court systems in the US are changing their tune. Instead of throwing you in jail for a few years, you may be offered the chance to go to the best drug rehab clinic the state can provide for you. This can be great, especially for first-time offenders. But what’s the deal with these facilities?

Well, for one, don’t let your lawyer fool you – when they say the best drug rehab clinic, they really only mean the best the state can give you. If you’re interested in a private pay situation or if your insurance will cover you, you may be able to negotiate with the judge on which facility you are going to.

Finally, the structure of all of these is going to be about the same – daily testing, withdrawal drugs if you need it, meals at a specific time, group therapy or activities… many people find this ‘boring’ and a ‘waste of time’, but it’s certainly better than jail.