When Are You Likely to be Pickpocketed?

If you’ve ever visited a crowded event or major city center with your wallet in your back pocket or your billfold in your purse, you may have been pickpocketed. The feeling of lightness in your pocket or purse, followed by the sinking realization that someone has made off with you cash, is particularly upsetting. So, when are you most likely to be pickpocketed?

During major events, like cell phone deal sales, festivals, concerts and the like, there are numerous people crowded in a tight space. This is an ideal environment for a would-be pickpocket to slip a hand into your pocket or purse and make off with your valuables.

Make sure you keep your wallet in your front pocket in crowds, with your hand on it. If you carry a purse, keep it zipped up and close at hand when you’re in a crowded area. Alternatively, you could simply keep your wallet or billfold in hand while navigating tight crowds!