When do Shoplifters Like to Strike?

Shoplifters are, by definition, opportunists. Few people want to catch a lot of attention while they’re trying to pocket goods and make out like a bandit. As such, it helps to know when shoplifters like to try to strike, so you can build a defense for your business.

During major sales, when the store is very full, shoplifters are likely to try to strike from the shadows. A major sale, like the best cellphone deal in town, can attract a huge crowd, which offers ample cover for a would-be thief to try to pocket small, easy-to-conceal valuables.

Other shoplifters might try to wait for the opposite case to be true, when there are very few people in a store, to try to steal. If there is very little foot traffic and only a few employees in the store, a shoplifter could wait until the employees are distracted before grabbing any good. Be prepared for both of these contingencies: put up cameras and hide valuables behind the counter so it’s harder for shoplifters to hit your store.