Why Are Hygiene Products Locked Up?

Have you ever gone into a pharmacy or corner store to grab dry deodorant, a razor, or shampoo? Sure, many of us pop into places like that all the time to get the essentials that we forgot. But if you’ve never seen any of these products locked up, be thankful – it’s extremely common to have to go get an employee for your dry deodorant purchase. But why are these completely legal purchases behind a glass case?

Sadly, items like shampoo, dry deodorant, and shaving razors are some of the most common items to be stolen from a corner pharmacy. People either don’t have the money, or they don’t want to spend the money, to purchase these necessary products, so instead, they attempt to liberate them from their spot on the shelves.

Approximately 27 million people in the US shoplift, or have before – that’s about 1 in 11 people. About 2 million shoplifters are caught every year.