Why Do Criminals Like Burner Phones? Are They Real?

When you’re online searching for the cheapest phone plan on the market you might run across what is commonly called a ‘burner phone’, or a phone that isn’t tied to a plan. These are becoming more and more common in mainstream society as the cheapest phone plan available, but let’s be clear – the criminals had it first.

Burner phones work so well for criminals because they aren’t easy to be traced. You can pick up a burner phone – or as millions of Americans would call it, the cheapest phone plan for their needs – at a gas station, a grocery store, or an electronics store like Best Buy. With cash, you can get a working cell phone and a number. No way to trace it back to you!

Burner phones aren’t just an invention by shows like CSI or NCIS. They absolutely exist, and yes, criminals are using them today to get away with their questionable deeds.