Why You Legally Need to Insure Your Leased Car

The amount of times someone has gone to court because they thought they ‘did not need’ comprehensive car insurance for their leased car is absurd. Before you start driving your new car, you should be looking for the best car insurance for leased cars – because yes, you do need to insure your leased car.

No, the dealership you leased your car from will not provide the best car insurance for leased vehicles. There seems to be some confusion, but just because you don’t own the car doesn’t mean you don’t need to insure it. It’s not like when you rent a vehicle and are asked to “opt-into” their extra insurance.

If something happens to your leased vehicle when you’re driving it and you don’t have the best car insurance for leased cars, you’re going to be on the hook for those damages. Chances are you don’t want to pay thousands in damage for your vehicle and someone else’s, so start researching the best car insurance for leased vehicles now, before something happens and you need it.