Woman Robbed for Groceries, SUV Window Smashed, Toilet Paper Stolen

Woman Robbed for Groceries, SUV Window Smashed, Toilet Paper Stolen


South Lake Tahoe, CA – A 57-year-old woman was attacked over the weekend and robbed of her groceries at a Raley’s store, according to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department.

Woman Robbed Behind Grocery Store, Groceries Stolen

In a news release, authorities say that the woman was walking home toward Tata Lane when she was attacked by a man behind the grocery store on Sunday. The man threw her to the ground, then stole her groceries and wallet.

The man was described as being homeless because of his appearance, said Det. Jake Herminghaus on Tuesday. He was wearing a black ski mask, a black beanie, light-colored pants, and a dark jacket when he attacked.

Herminghaus said he didn’t know if “it’s related to the food shortage.”

a blurred grocery aisle with a few people shopping

Doctors are helping the woman at a local hospital. She’s dealing with serious injuries, and people who might have information are urged to contact the police department at 530-542-61000 or Secret Witness at 530-541-6800 with Case No. 20003-1368.

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Window Smashed, Toilet Paper Stolen from SUV

Portland, Ore–While generally, toilet paper wouldn’t be something car windows would be smashed in for, the times we’re living in are pushing people toward drastic measures.

On March 14, sometime between 12 am and 5:45 am, the rear window of an SUV was shattered in the 3700 block of W. 11th Avenue, says the Eugene Police Department.

They say that the thief stole valuables from inside of the vehicle, including two cases of 30-roll toilet paper. Police are now urging people to avoid locking anything of value inside your cars. A would-be thief could be watching.

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Silicon Valley Homeless Man Dies of Coronavirus

When you’re homeless, being able to properly quarantine yourself kind of goes out the window. Instead of worrying about where they might get their next meal or find the cheapest phone plans, people without homes are now having to worry about the spread of coronavirus.

On Monday, a homeless man in Santa Clara County, California, died of the virus. Officials haven’t provided information about his age or where he was staying. Updates are expected soon. In the area where the man died, there are reportedly 138 cases of the virus.

City officials announced that a three-week “shelter-in-place” order would go into effect across the Bay Area at 12:01 am Tuesday in an attempt to contain the virus. Residents can only venture out for essential needs.

However, the order exempts the estimated 28,000-person homeless population in the Bay Area. Instead, officials encourage them to find shelter until they can figure out how to properly house them.