Woman Vanishes After Attending a Full Moon Drum Circle

Woman Vanishes After Attending a Full Moon Drum Circle

Kristal Reisinger via Oxygen

A mother of one moved to Crestone, Colorado, which is known as the “New Age Religious capital of the world.” The self-proclaimed clairvoyant was in search of enlightenment and wanted to pursue a more spiritual life.

However, she seemingly disappeared without a trace after attending a full moon drum circle.

Mother Last Seen at a Full Moon Drum Circle

The story of how Kristal Reisinger, 29, disappeared was recently explored in the podcast “Up and Vanished.” She was reported to have gone missing on July 30, 2016, and while law enforcement isn’t sure of the exact day she vanished, she was reportedly last seen on July 18 while attending a full moon drum circle ceremony.

fire show and dancing at a drum circle full moon party
Shutterstock | a fire show during a full moon drum ceremony

When friends and family of Reisinger didn’t hear from her for several days, they started to grow very concerned. They decided to check her apartment. Instead of finding Reisinger, they instead found several of her personal belongings, including her medicine, clothing, computer, and cellphone.

Her front door was locked, and there was no sign of a struggle. They also found new beauty products and fresh food in her refrigerator, according to her surrogate father, Rodney Ervin. He told Fox affiliate KDVR that she had departed without saying anything to her ex-boyfriend, Elijah Guana, nor her 4-year-old daughter, Kasha.

“She didn’t just take off and not come back. She left everything she owns behind,” said Saguache County Sheriff Dan Warwick to KDVR.

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Authorities Suspect Foul Play Is Involved in Her Disappearance

In an interview with The Denver Post, Warwick said, “This is an odd one. This is a hard case. She was known by many, but nobody knew her well enough to know her daily routines. We have some persons of interest.”

Her friend and landlord, Ara McDonald, told KDVR that in the weeks leading up to Reisinger’s disappearance that she had been partying a lot and probably needed to detox from alcohol. She also received complaints from neighbors who said that Reisinger often had “sketchy people” hanging around her apartment.

One of the last conversations that McDonald had with Reisinger was when she visited to collect the rent for July. She said Reisinger claimed she’d been at a party the night before, and had been “given a bunch of drugs” and was possibly “taken advantage” of.

Although several searches have been conducted since she went missing, none have turned up any new leads.

“Someone who went to the drum circle ceremony knows what happened that night. There are people in Crestone who have information which can crack open this case,” said Warwick.

If you have any information in connection to this case, call the Sheriff’s office at 719-655-2525.

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