Would Medicare For All Tank Crime Rates?

In the US, the argument between Medicare for All and the existing private healthcare system rages on. Buoyed by progressive candidates, like Bernie Sanders, Medicare for All promises numerous societal benefits, ranging from taking the burden of insurance off of businesses to making life easier for working people.

But, could Medicare for All also tank crime rates? It seems likely. Consider: older Americans receive Medicare, and they don’t have to worry about things like “how long does it take for Humira to arrive?” when their medicine is covered by the state. Meanwhile, younger people who are underinsured or uninsured have to worry about how they’ll pay for their medication.

This could make people more likely to commit crimes. After all, if you’re broke, unwell, and angry at the system that made this possible, you’re much more likely to engage in criminal behavior to make a bit of money. As such, Medicare for All makes sense on more levels than just a humanitarian viewpoint: it could be good for reducing crime rates.