Your Phone is Stolen: Now What?!

Property crime happens to hundreds of people every day, and thousands every year. It’s completely possible – even likely – that your best Samsung android phone, all new and shiny, will get stolen at some point. So what do you do, int his situation?

First thing’s first, if you’re sure it’s stolen and not just misplaced, you should contact the police to file a report. This is often the first step for those who want to get a replacement for their best Samsung android phone through their insurance.

Secondly, use an application like Find My Phone or another remote access app to lock or even wipe your phone completely. Don’t have one of those? Install it now, before it’s too late – there are many to choose from.

Finally, don’t find your phone alone. After filing a police report, ask to work with an officer if you have location information. Don’t just drive around and search for it, because you could be putting yourself in a very dangerous position. No matter how expensive the best Samsung android phone will be to replace, it isn’t worth the risk.